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Brunker Street General Practice  -  Adamstown - Newcastle NSW Australia Testimonial          

My testimonial:
" Our large medical practice has been using Smartprobe to monitor 3 immunisation fridges in 2 rooms.
The probes hang in the fridge and send the real time temp to a tablet which displays the temps of all 3 fridges in the one place. Colour and sound warns us of an out of range event.  I get emailed and an optional SMS if the temperature goes outside my preset ranges.
Our practice is automatically monitored externally, so if our power or a single fridge fails, I am messaged and can make a decision about a course of action to save the valuable vaccines. I can log on to the smartprobe website to review my probe temperatures, and adjust ranges if needed. The data is used to demonstrate to our accreditors that our cold chain is being maintained to the highest standards.

The Smartprobe gives me peace of mind. I have 10s of thousands of dollars of immunisations in our practice and it is great to know that I can be confident they are safe. This enhances patient safety and financial security of our investment. "


Montrose Medical Centre - Glebe NSW Australia

"We had Smart Probe installed in Sept 2017 and it has revolutionised the way in which temperature regulation is recorded in our GP Practice.  I cannot speak highly enough of this well thought out product and its important functionality as it continuously monitors and updates temperature levels for prompt and proper cold chain management via a simple desktop log in and discrete IT tablet extension. 

It is an incredibly easy to use application, completely reliable and extremely fast and accurate in sending alerts if/when temperatures run too high or too low onsite.

It is fantastic in that it allows you to also track and see how temperatures have been holding up over the passed days, weeks and months through data pooling which gives a great overview of any significant cold chain changes.

It has become one of the most efficient additions to our practice's systems as it records and stores all the data you need for meeting cold chain standards without being complicated or time consuming as so many of the other older style data loggers can be.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with Smart Probe as the service it provides along with the professional team of support it has behind it makes for a winning combination."